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Frequent questions about Flights

  1. What are the luggage restrictions and fees?
  2. Can I change or cancel my flight?
  3. How early should I arrive at the airport?
  4. Where can I check the Airline's general conditions?
  5. Do I need to confirm the flight departure time?
  6. Is luggage included in the price of low-cost flights?
  7. What documents do I need in order to travel?
  8. What payment methods does Logitravel accept?
  9. How do I get my boarding pass?
  10. What is included in the flight fare?
  11. What is a biometric passport? In which countries is it compulsory?
  12. How do I know if my booking was completed successfully?
  13. Which is the minimum age for children to travel alone?
  14. How can I book a flight?
  15. How can I check-in for a Ryanair flight?
  16. Is flight availability shown in real time?
  17. What should I do if I don't receive a confirmation e-mail?
  18. What is ESTA? (border crossing requirements into the U.S.)
  19. Can I use my credit card to pay for a booking although I am not travelling?
  20. What is a low cost airline?
  21. Can I change the name of a passenger on a flight booking?
  22. Can I take my pet on board?
  23. Can I have an invoice for my flight?
  24. I experienced a problem when finalising my booking. What should I do?
  25. How can I get the best flight offers?
  26. There is an error in my flight details, what can I do?
  27. When will my credit/debit card be charged?
  28. How many minors can travel with one adult?
  29. What are my rights if the airline cancels my flight?
  30. What can I do if I miss my flight?
  31. What are the EU rules on hand luggage?
  32. How can I make flight bookings with discounts for children and infants?
  33. Why have I been charged on two seperate occassion for different amounts for my flight booking?
  34. Will I be charged extra if I pay by credit card?
  35. My flight is delayed. What are my rights?
  36. What rights do I have in the event that I am denied boarding due to Overbooking?
  37. What should I do if my luggage has been damaged or lost during the flight?
  38. What does the system verify before confirming a booking?
  39. Do I need to pay extra for excess baggage?
  40. Can I travel while I am pregnant?
  41. My flight is pending confirmation. What does that mean?
  42. What happens if I have a return flight booking and I am not going to use any of the journeys?
  43. Can I take my own wheelchair on the flight?
  44. Can I take a pram/baby stroller?
  45. Can I book flights with low-cost airlines?
  46. Onboard, can I use electronic devices, such as a portable DVD player, iPod or MP3 player?
  47. Is there a meal service during the flight?
  48. Is smoking permitted on board?
  49. How do I request wheelchair service when booking a flight?
  50. How long will it take to be refunded for a cancelled flight?
  51. I booked a direct flight but my itinerary shows there are technical stops. Why?
  52. Can I save a flight price without booking it?
  53. I am experiencing a problem when entering the passengers names
  54. Can I take sports equipment on the flight?
  55. Can I make a group flight booking?
  56. Can I accompany a minor to the boarding gate?
  57. Why do some low-cost airlines charge different amounts for extra for luggage?
  58. Where can I get a Mastercard to book flights without an additonal cost?
  59. What type of pets are allowed on board?
  60. Can a pet travel without documentation?
  61. What are the Immigration Rules for children travelling to South Africa?
  62. Can I request a specific meal?
  63. Who takes care of my pet on long haul journeys?
  64. What is an e-ticket? How does it work? What are the benefits?
  65. Is there a policy that refers to electronic devices that are carried onboard as hand luggage?
  66. Do I need a visa to fly to.....?